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Average Foundation Repair Costs and Variables


Quantifying the average cost of a foundation repair can be difficult because of all the variables that can affect each home or structure. A representative of Ram Jack Systems offers these average estimates for foundation repairs:

- A repair of a simple crack in a poured concrete wall is usually in the range of $800 to $1,500 per crack.

- For slabjacking work, the typical cost of concrete removal and replacement on a porch or sidewalk is $150 per hole.

In addition to the complexity and scope of the problem, other variables that can add to the cost of repairs include:

- Hiring a structural engineer to assess the damage (typically $300 to $1,500).

- Getting a soils report prepared by a geotechnical engineer, if needed (about $500 to $3,000).

- Obtaining a local building permit, if required ($75 to $150).

- Additional seismic work in areas prone to earthquakes (about $3,500).

- Dealing with hidden obstacles in the ground, such as old repair methods, extra-deep footings, or tree roots (may add an average of $1,000 to $2,500 to the overall cost).

Although the total cost of foundation repair can be substantial, Davidson notes that your home is often your biggest investment and these repairs (properly done by a reputable contractor) can be essential to protecting your equity and keeping your property marketable.