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Post Foundation Repair Tips

To make repairs last, the property owner must change the conditions that caused the problem. Soil swelling can usually be stopped by cutting off the moisture supply. Plumbing leaks are major causes of soil swelling. If water leaks do occur, they must be repaired immediately to prevent damage to the foundation.

Poor drainage near the foundation is another cause of soil heaving. The owner may have to regrade his lot to make sure rainwater drains away from the foundation. Downspouts for gutters should carry water well away from the foundation and there should be no places where water ponds near the house during rains.

Regular lawn watering during dry periods helps to prevent edge settlement caused by soil shrinkage.

Post foundation repair tips are just like the items mentioned in Maintaining a Foundation. Follow these suggestions to minimize the chance of a reoccurrence of your foundation problem or for new problems developing. Also, discuss these items with your foundation repair contractor who makes your repairs.

From Maintaining a Foundation:

In dry periods the soil adjacent to the foundation should be watered to maintain constant moisture. Proper watering is vital, the purpose is to keep the soil water content next to and under the foundation at approximately the same moisture content.

The use of a soaker hose is most often the best solution and the soaker hose should be used 24"-36" from the house. A representative at Ram Jack Distribution, a foundation repair product distributor in Ada, Oklahoma notes that in many cases homeowners have waited too long before watering and cracks have already occurred in the soil.

July, August, and September is when cracks in the soil often appear. You want to have initiated a watering program long before this so the cracks do not appear.

Some of the other maintenance issues:

Drainage- it is very important that ground surface water drains away from the foundation. Surface water should never be allowed to collect around the foundation. Annually inspect the ground from the foundation out at least five feet immediately following a rainstorm. If there is water ponding against the foundation this situation must be corrected by regrading the area.

Downspouts should be directed away form the house and the water should discharge 3-4’ away from the house at a minimum.

Vegetation- Trees such as Cottonwood, Weeping Willow, and Mesquite have extensive shallow root systems that remove water from the soil. The Department of Housing and Urban Development suggests trees be planted no closer than their ultimate height. Plants with large, shallow root systems can grow under a shallow foundation and, as the roots grow in diameter, produce an upheaval in the foundation beam.